If you are receiving the message “Your Browser is no longer supported” when you use any of Google services you’re not alone. Apparently in the latest round of browsing bashing Google has flagged even the latest version of Internet Explorer as being outdated and unsupported even if your computer is up to date.

If you have been using Google services for a while you’re probably already aware they want you to use Google Chrome. Despite that I’ve confirmed HERE that Internet Explorer is still officially supported. According to the Google product forums this is a bug and Google is working on it although I have not found any official confirmation. It is important to note that IE compatibility view mode can also cause this due to how compatibility view mode works.

Regardless there are definitely issues with Google services and browsers other than Google Chrome. If you use Blogger you’ve probably seen the below message many times. It’s almost easier to just give in and use Google Chrome but I like Internet Explorer so I probably won’t be switching. The below error is common in IE, Firefox, and Safari.